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ECBA         Essex County Bowling Association

E.B.A          English Bowling Association

T.H.L          Tendring Hundred League

TH&DBA   Tendring Hundred & District Bowling Association


1923   ECBA    Pairs Championship Cup

1925   ECBA    Alice Maud Hammond Cup

1927   ECBA    Singles Championship

1931   ECBA    Triples Championship Cup

1933   ECBA    North Essex Championship Cup

1934   ECBA    Triples Championship Cup

1934   ECBA    Double Rink Championship Cup

1935                  Buckingham Hospital Cup

1936   ECBA    Single Rink Championship Cup

1936   ECBA    Hollingshead Benevolent Cup

1937   ECBA    Triples Championship Cup

1938   ECBA    Single Rink Championship Cup

1938                  Buckingham Hospital Cup

1947   ECBA    North Essex Championship Cup

1947   ECBA    Double Rink Championship Cup

1949   ECBA    Single Rink Championship Cup

3 Times             Clacton Hospital Cup

Editor’s note: - Despite having searched all of the Clubs archives and other materials I cannot find any record of Club Honours between 1952 and 1973.  It is hard to believe there were no Honours awarded between these dates, the details of which are now shrouded in the mists of time.  On with the story…

1973   Clacton Open Tournament Pairs E. Bergdahl, K. Corrass

            Clacton Open Tournament Singles A. Jenner 

1974    Finalists ECBA Pairs W. Strachan, E. Bergdahl

            Winners Tendring Hundred League

1975    Clacton Open Tournament Singles F. Prater 

1976    Winners Tendring Hundred League

            T.H.L Triples winners G. Veale, S. Porter, E. McDermott

1980   Winners Tendring Hundred League

           Clacton Open Tournament Mixed Pairs Mrs E. Stanford, G. A. Veale

           North Essex Fours (Finalist) T. Wire, A. Helens, K. Spiller, R. Massey

1981   Winners Tendring Hundred League

           T.H. Competition Pairs W. Welton, K. Eastwick 

1982   T.H. Competition Singles K. Eastwick 

1983   T.H. Competition 2 Woods R. Wurr 

1984   ECBA Pairs P. Lock, K. Baldwin

           Finalists Eastern Counties Champion of Champions Pairs P. Lock, K. Baldwin

           T.H. Competition 2 Woods C. Seager

1985   Tendring Hundred League Winners 

1986   Tendring Hundred Competitions Pairs J. Walker, K. Smith

           Triples J. Walker, K. Smith, F. Prater

1987   Winners T.H. Competitions Pairs R. Rogers, P. Rogers

           Triples K. Eastwick, R. Rogers, P. Rogers

1988   Tendring Hundred League Winners 

1989   ECBA Singles Finalist P. Cooper



1990   T.H. Comp. Triples K. Prior, F. Bird, H. Muge 

1992   T.H. Comp. Fours E. Randall, G. I. Jones, F. Bird, H. Muge 

1996   T.H. Triples League Winners

1999   T.H. Knockout Shield Winners 

1999   David Mitchell-Gears President ECBA

1999   Finalist TH&DBA Four Wood Singles J. Crane

1947   W.G.F. Johns England Badge

1963   W.W.F. Johns England Badge

2001   Finalists ECBA Fours B. Hobbs, D. Hemstedt, J. Crane, P. Cooper

           Finalist T.H.&D.B.A. Singles M. Skeels

           Winner T.H.&D.B.A. 2 Woods D. Hemstedt

2004   TH&DBA President – P Cooper

           TH&DBA Windsor League Winners – Clacton ‘A’

           TH&DBA 4’s Winners – R Kendall, D Howley, V Graham and J Crane

2005   TH&DBA Stanford League Winners – Clacton

2006   EBA Life Member – David Mitchell-Gears

           TH&DBA Knockout Cup Winners – Clacton

           TH&DBA Windsor League – Clacton ‘A’

2008   Bowls England 1st Chairman – David Mitchell-Gears

           TH&DBA Mens Pairs Winners – R Kendall and T Graham

           TH&DBA Mens Singles Winner – M Hemstedt

           National Under 25 2-Fours Winner, T Graham

           Group 1 Pairs Winner – R Kendall and B Johns

           Group 1 Singles Winner – M Hemstedt

2009   TH&DBA 4’S winners – D Frizzell, V Graham, T Cole and T Graham

           Group 1 Winners – D Frizzell, V Graham, T Cole and T Graham

           Bowls England Life Member – David Mitchell-Gears


Current County Badge Holders

David Mitchell-Gears MBE 

Phil Cooper

Joe Crane

Tom Graham

Brian Hobbs

T Cole

P Halliday 


Life Members

K. Butcher

N. Heffer

G. I. Jones  

D.Mitchell-Gears MBE

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